Celebrating the Year of The Horse

Happy Lunar New Year 2014,  Nónglì xīnnián (Chinese), Happī kyū shōgatsu (Japanese) or haengboghan gujeong ( Korean)

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Today, January 31, 2014, East and Central Asia are celebrating the Lunar New Year. 2014 is the Year of the Horse according to Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Horse starts from Jan. 31, 2014 (the Lunar New Year Spring  Festival of China) and lasts to Feb. 18, 2015.

I had a very exciting day because this was my first time experiencing the celebrations of the New Year. Actually, I celebrating Seollal (Korean New Year)
but not in South Korea but in Korean Town in New York. YAY!!!!!! I say celebrating because I will be experiencing more activites on Saturday. What a way to bring in the Superbowl Weekend (hint hint, Like how I slid that right on in there:P )

Well before I get dressed to get my dance on, I wanted to do a post inspired by this holiday.  Since I am celebrating it Korean style in Real Life, I wanted to show off SL in Japanese Style (plus I had this little ditty hidden in unpacked boxes.. still cleaning inventory)


Curious Kitty by Ameshin Yossarian: Yukata Kimono Set/Unique (Free @ Marketplace)

Naminoke by Taiko Mccaw:: *N*Kasuri  tabi(socks) & Zouri (shoes) part of Kimono set/ladies (past Jack or Jill hunt)

Jewelry by Zuri by Zuri Rayna: Wedding Ring

Baby Monkey by Pixieplumb Flanagan : Classic Pearl Stud Earrings (Past Advent calendar gift)

Glow Studios by Linka Demina : Clean Thick Eyelashes/04

Bamboo Nails by RubyRedRusset: Tuxedo nails w/hud (past Group gift~ $0L group fee)

Plume/Omose by Fauve Beaumont: Exotica hair( past Seasons Hunt gift)  Store Closed

LoQ hair by Gia Pawpad: Shaved Hairbase/black

Insufferable Dastard by Audrey Lamede: Eyes

Anna Shapes by Analy Amat: Shape

Glam Affair  by Aida Ewing: Skin

Label Motion by Anne Dakun: Gift Hunt/#14 (free customer gift~not sure if it is still out)


Satu by Satus9 : Golden Horse Statue/ Lunar New Year 2014 (free on Marketplace)

Rivendell by aiko ying: Sakura Screen

Kitty Textures by misskittin aeon: suede shaded chinese textures/ suede red chinese (free on marketplace)


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